Eldbjørg Raknes: voice
Oscar Grönberg: piano

Recorded by Eldbjørg Raknes, Stamsund kirke, Lofoten, July 2014
Produced by Eldbjørg Raknes, Trondheim
Mixed by Stian Westerhus, Pitch Black Star Spangled Studio, Oslo
Mastered by Morten Stendahl, Redroom Studio, Trondheim
Cover art by A K Dolven, London/Kvalnes
Cover design by Per Finne, Voss

In recent years her music has been largely in the field of improvisation, using a wide range of vocal techniques, and (usually) avoiding intelligible words. Here, then, is an opportunity to meet another side of Eldbjørg’s work and go with her on her rather special journey of immersing herself into tunes she first heard and sang over 20 years ago.

Eldbjørg sings jazz standards and more! Surprise!

In the summer of 2014 she invited the young Swedish pianist Oscar Grönberg (born 1987, now living in Trondheim) to play with her. Having heard him with various other bands, she felt she had found someone with a totally unique understanding of, and respect for the song material and the jazz tradition, while, at the same time, being completely open to “where one can go with it”. This is a meeting of two musicians in tight, open, distinct and fearless interaction. Oscar is, says Eldbjørg, “a jewel”.

The album comes out of just their second rehearsal session in the inspiring setting of Stamsund, Lofoten, Norway. Recording was an essential part of their rehearsal and developing process, and so the material you hear came into being….recorded by Eldbjørg herself. “To walk, to talk, to think to listen, to swim in the ocean, to play, to make music. These surroundings with peace and quiet gave us complete focus and concentration.”
By the cool waters and high peaks of Lofoten, something vibrant was born.

YOU MAKE ME FEEL is Eldbjørg´s 26th album in her discography, and the 8th release on her own label MYrecordings.

Eldbjørg adds:

“The album is dedicated to musicians , composers and poets inspiring!
– Thank you!”

“Superduo” http://torhammero.blogg.no/1414671637_i_ny_drakt.html

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