Eldbjørg Raknes

Singer, musician, composer, lyricist, producer, 50% professor at the Jazz program, Institute for music, NTNU, Trondheim.
Own label: MYrecordings.
Born February 9th, 1970. Raised on Raknes, Otrøy, Norway. Live in Trondheim.


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E.R. has toured the Nordic countries and Europe since 1993 – and also Japan, Ukraine and Chile. She has visited a lot of festivals and been singing with her different concepts on very different venues – for very different audiences, all ages.

Radio + TV

BBC World TV, 2007, portrait from Romania. “Til Iris” radio documentary, NRK, about the process making and doing her commisioned work for Vossajazz “so much depend upon a red wheel barrow” 2001. Portraits and interwies in papers, magazines, radio and TV in Norway, UK, Chile, Ukraine, France, Italy, Finland, Portugal and Japan.

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