Eldbjørg Raknes & Co

Three significant voices in one palette

Eldbjørg Raknes: voice, Wurlitzer el. piano, live sampling, electronics, percussion
Kirsti Huke: voice, live sampling, electronics, percussion
Nils-Olav Johansen: guitar, voice, live sampling, electronics

Music and lyrics: Eldbjørg Raknes

Eldbjørg´s debut as a lyricist

Eldbjørg has composed a lot of music to texts by many of the world’s greatest poets through her career. Here is, for the first time, her own written lyrics. A wide range of musical references and various threads come together in Eldbjørg Raknes & Co, – in a melodic, open and soundscaping universe of their own. Composed and improvised music played by some of the finest and most distinctive musicians on the music scene today. And not at least: 3 personal, improvising, SINGERS as a main core!

The album “POSSIBLY IN TIME” was released March 2016 – a LIVE album from their debut concert. Thereafter they´ve turned into a trio and developed truly vibrant and unique music. “HITCHHIKE” ( 4 tracks) was released, on all digital platforms, January 13th 2017 and these tracks are included in the album AGAIN! – out on CD and digital platforms Dec.1st 2017.

Eldbjørg Raknes & Co has so far toured in Norway, Italy, Sweden and Japan.

More pictures and reviews

Terje Mosnes, Jazz i Norge

A poetic bombshell(…)Her melodies – and the quartet disseminating them – constitutes in itself a superb listening experience, but in this context it is even more important that the music supports the text as a good soundtrack supports an action in a movie, thereby helping to make “Possibly in time” to such a comprehensive and engaging “statement”(…) it is just to congratulate all parties with a brilliant, fearless and in all respects highly relevant album.

Tor Hammerø, Romsdals Budstikke

The music is often so beautiful and delicate that it brings tears to your eyes . Raknes has in fact also for the first time written lyrics and we are speaking texts that go to the bone and that most people can relate to . Not surprisingly Sidsel Endresen has been her text consultant(…) This beautiful and appealing soundscape is different than anything else that has reached your senses (…) yet another new page of this very special voice – the most exciting and important one I ‘ve heard from her ever.