Eldbjørg Raknes SOLO

Voice and live sampling

Eldbjørg Raknes SOLO is eldbjørg alone on stage with her voice, live sampling, electronics and percussion – and sometimes also a keyboard. She has from the start been working with improvisation and to explore the possibilities of her voice, and the voice as the main source for her live sampling. Filling a room and an entire concert all alone with music involves specific challenges – which Eldbjørg was, and still is, seeking. She did her first full solo concert in 2004 and has released 3 solo albums: SOLO (2006), SENSE (2010) and OPEN (2013).

Nowadays she’s working on her fourth! And she is very much looking forward to meet audience with a mix of new words, no words, melodies, harmonies, grooves and soundscapes of her own!

Sound and surroundings

Gradually the concept SOLO gained more and more focus on letting any room, any venue, be a genuine and comprehensive basis for encounters between the music, the room/nature, the light/dark … the air, the audience. She has done SOLO concerts in jazz clubs, old and new theatres, philharmonic halls, mountain caves, churches, a fire station, a river, several forests…and, not to forget : from a paraglider! And: for BABIES, 0-12 months!
Sound designer Tor Breivik is the main audio partner in most live settings – surround or not surround – that’s one of the questions.

In air, by water, Santiago (Chile), Voss, Bergen – track from “Senses” – video by Pekka Stokke:

Pennyblack music

It all loops in together perfectly as a body of work(…)totally unique(…) A magnificent experience if you’re open to new things this will take your breathe away.