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DOG DAYS – out August 13th 2021


Voice, keyboard, electronics, live sampling, percussion: Eldbjørg Raknes / Produced by Eldbjørg Raknes / Recorded and mixed by Eldbjørg Raknes, Mørlenda, Trondheim, Norway, spring 2021 / Mastered by Morten Stendahl / Cover photo by Juliane Schûtz / Cover design by Per Finne / Special thanks to Sidsel Endresen / Supported by FFUK, Trondheim kommune and NJF / Year:2021 / Label: MYrecordings


  1. Who Will We Be
  2. Dripping Drops
  3. Good Riddance!
  4. Could Have
  5. Stuck in a Bubble
  6. Heart Beat
  7. Sirius
  8. Listen
  9. Did You Hitchhike with an Eagle?

Visuals and lyrics

Eyal Haruvani, Salt peanuts

Raknes is at her best(…) Raknes sings these touching songs with imagery that follows Joni Mitchell.

This melancholic atmosphere is solidified by the unique phrasing of Raknes, her sincere and open delivery, and the dark color of her voice, floating in layers of spacious vintage synths.