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BUMBLEBEE – live album


Voice, Wurlitzer piano, percussion, live sampling, samples, electronics: Eldbjørg Raknes / Live sound and samples: Tor Breivik / Produced by Eldbjørg Raknes /Recorded (live in concert at Verkstedhallen, Trondheim, Norway) May 8th 2019 by Tor Breivik / Mixed by Tor Breivik / Mastered by Morten Stendahl / Cover photo by Thor Egil Leirtrø / Cover design by Per Finne / Thanks to the audience! Thanks to Jazzfest! Thanks to Verkstedhallen! / Year:2019 / Label: MYrecordings

BUMBLEBEE is a journey through Eldbjørg´s tunes – combined with soundscapes and sampled “outdoor sounds”. At the concert the audience was seated – close – in full circles around Eldbjørg and Tor, in a surround-sound-set up with great light design by Ingrid Skanke Høsøien. This very special moment luckily also turned out to be an album!


  1. BUMBLEBEE (55:45)
  2. A Case of you (3:44) (Joni Mitchell)


Eyal Hareuveni

Her simple, minimalist and hypnotic themes solidify the close, intimate setting and are further intensified by Raknes’ highly personal delivery – calm but vulnerable, disillusioned, free-associative and spiced with nature sounds, demanding full attention and compassionate mindfulness and stressing her captivating charisma.

Tore Thorvaldsen Sandbakken

a completely unique musical universe(…)In a mixture of nature sounds, Wurlitzer and Eldbjørg’s strongly present vocals, the audience was invited into and surrounded by a musical rainforest. Here the ideas could grow wild, but it was also easy to know the traditional and bearing in Eldbjørg’s compositions, namely the strong melody.