Det bor
en gammel

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Voice: Eldbjørg Raknes and Tone Åse / Keyboard and Voice: Ståle Storløkken / Music: Eldbjørg Raknes / Texts: Inger Hagerup / Mixed and produced by: Eldbjørg Raknes, Ståle Storløkken and Roger Valstad/ Recorded by: Roger Valstad, MIT studio, Trondheim, 1999 / Mastered by;Morten Lund, Masterhuset/ Cover art and cover design: Per Finne / Support: Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond / Special thanks to: Ketil Hustad, Rikskonsertene / Year and label: 2014 MYrecordings (1999 Via Music)


  1. Vepsen 01:39
  2. På havets bunn står skutene 03:44
  3. Krabben 01:06
  4. Det bor en gammel baker 02:47
  5. Tordivel, tordivel 03:01
  6. Fru Olsen har boller 01:03
  7. Min onkel triller piller 02:28
  8. Grisen 01:21
  9. Når det knirker i porten 03:34
  10. Lille Persille 02:19
  11. Søte bløte – 00:49
  12. Forleden dag 01:08
  13. Mauren 02:12
  14. Lille frøken Nesevis 01:22
  15. Kvelden lister seg på tå 04:13
  16. I huset bortenfor 01:06


Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

Since a larger audience became aware of her at the beginning of the 90s , she has relentlessly ensured that the public has been surprised every time she has appeared . Raknes as a vocalist has increasingly gone into new spaces and expanded its range continuously. This cd with texts by Inger Hagerup also likely for most people will be a “new ” face of Raknes . Despite the fact that this is music where the target group is children, it certainly available for children of all ages – for people with open minds.