frozen feet
heat came

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Voice, live sampling, electronics & bells: Eldbjørg Raknes / Guitars & electronics: Stian Westerhus / Saxophones & clarinet: Eirik Hegdal / Music: Eldbjørg Raknes, Stian Westerhus and Eirik Hegdal / Lyrics: Eldbjørg Raknes / Recorded by: Kai Andersen, Athletic Sound, Halden, Norway, August 2008 / Mixed and mastered by: Johannes Lundberg and Eldbjørg Raknes, Epedemin Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2008 / Cover photo: Anja Elmine Basma / Cover design: Per Finne / Support: Fond for utøvende kunstnere & Fond for lyd og bilde / Year: 2009 / Label: MYrecordings


  1. Some Day 1:29
  2. Like Lighter 7:04
  3. Sun Shine 3:45
  4. From Frozen Feet 4:36
  5. Heat Came 4:29
  6. Closer 5:54
  7. Ka Då 2:00
  8. Så, Så 1:13
  9. See, Sing 3:40
  10. Sit Down 4:27
  11. Where? 3:01
  12. Everyway, Everyday 2:06


Vegard Enlid, Adresseavisen

Scary , unsafe and almost entirely without safe reference frames requires ” FFFHC ” total reset of the mind and open channels . But then comes the return also presented with an insistent physical presence and an intense influence … The album emerges almost as a trancelike effect( …) This is hardcore .

Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet

Gunpowder Strong trio … Eldbjørg Raknes has never been afraid to go her own ways . The firm grip on her own career , especially as innovative user of her voice and electronics, she has established herself as an original artist and experiencing steadily increasing international attention , with , inter alia, Chile , Switzerland , Belgium and Portugal on the itinerary this year. Her latest album , “From Frozen Feet Heat Came ” is an uncompromising step further ( …) a rawness that sometimes brings them across through Hendrix countries until the noise limit( … ) a strong and kind of disturbing experience.