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Voice, live sampling and percussion: Eldbjørg Raknes / Music and words: Eldbjørg Raknes / Recorded by: Stian Westerhus in Eggaodden Skole, Sjøbygda kunstnarhus, December 2009 and Selbu Church, January 2010 / Produced by: Eldbjørg Raknes and Stian Westerhus / Mixed by: Stian Westerhus and Eldbjørg Raknes in The best studio in Oslo / Mastered by: Morten Stendahl, Redroom Studio, Trondheim / Photos: Anja Elmine Basma / Cover design: Per Finne / Support: Mfo, Ffuk and stiftelesen Tmk / Year: 2010 / Label: MYrecordings


  1. Close To – 1 1:05
  2. Close To – 2 5:22
  3. Close To – 3 7:17
  4. Close To – 4 2:22
  5. Close To – 5 3:56
  6. Far From – 1 1:18
  7. Far From – 2 1:41
  8. Far From – 3 1:50
  9. Far From – 4 1:22
  10. Far From – 5 2:17
  11. All Right, Alive 6:42


Adrian Huggins, Pennyblack Music

A fantastic use of layering on the vocal tracks breathes so much life into the songs in a similar way to Imogen Heep. Utterly mesmerising throughout, ‘Senses’ seems to transcend time and worlds. Whilst at one level a very modern and distinctly Scandinavian album, it at another recalls the timeless sound of chanting monnks. Split into three movements, ‘Close To’, ‘Far From’ and ‘All Right, Alive’ ‘Sense’ is a complete piece of work that you should listen to as a whole. It all loops in together perfectly as a body of work. It is a really magical album and, while there are shades of other artists, there really isn’t a lot like this. It feels totally unique and I for one wouldn’t be shocked to hear this was from another planet. A magnificent experience if you’re open to new things this will take your breathe away.