Små sanger
mest i det blå

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Voice: Eldbjørg Raknes, Siri Gjære / Accordeon and banjo: Stian Carstensen / Music: Eldbjørg Raknes / Words: Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen / Recorded and mixed by: Bergland studio, Trondheim, May 2005 / Produced by: Gunnar Andreas Berg and Eldbjørg Raknes / Mastered by: Skansen lydstudio / Cover art and cover design: Håkon Kornstad / Thanks to Rikskonsertene for supporting the project and Norwegian Art Council for supporting the album / Year: 2005 / Label: Bergland Production


  1. Små Sanger 2:46
  2. Som Seiler Sin Egen Sjø 3:35
  3. Grønn 2:43
  4. Lilla 1:41
  5. Blå 1:48
  6. Å Tulle Med Øyne Blå 2:13
  7. Svart Blått Og Gult 4:36
  8. Soppsangen 1:46
  9. Slipphendt Høst 2:38
  10. Vinter 0:54
  11. Nyttårsaften 2:34
  12. Tiden Går 2:44
  13. Rød 1:57


Guro Istad, Bergens tidende (6/6)

Super small songs! – Songs that go to your head!
Following the success of concerts and the album ” There lives an old baker … ‘ , where Eldbjørg Raknes put music to Inger Hagerup’s nursery rhyme , the composer and singer this time has given musical life to Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen’s texts. And what a delicious life they’ve got ! The words trills fantasticly on the tongue and the music beautifully in the ears – it´s a perfect match.
Raknes has good help in Siri Gjære (vocals) and Stian Carstensen (accordion, banjo, steel guitar). Two well-tuned musicians who provide full justice to Raknes ‘ compositions.
” Small songs mostly in blue ” has colors as the main theme , but it’s also room , seasons and – in short – moods. The album contains both fun and daring game with melody and words , as in “To have fun with blue eyes ” and ” Mushrooms song ” as well as quiet , pensive songs like ” Black blue and yellow ” and “New Year’s Eve .” The songs go to your head – and stay there.